• Duration
    1. 1. The “You Deserve A Better Deal Campaign” (“Campaign”) is organised by The Nextsix Sdn Bhd (“NEXTSIX”) and is subject to these terms and conditions. The Campaign shall run from 20 November 2020 to 30 November 2021, both dates inclusive (“Campaign Period”).
  • Eligibility
    1. 2. This campaign is open to NEXTSIX App users that have engaged with any property agent through the App’s functions, and successfully purchased or rented a property within Campaign Period.
    2. 3. The following persons are NOT eligible to participate in this Campaign:
      1. a. Customers whom did not use NEXSIX App to enquire regarding the property purchased/rented.
      2. b. Customers whom do not consent to submitting
            - Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) for a property purchased, or
            - SPA and Loan Agreement (LA) for a new project property purchased, or
            - Tenancy Agreement (TA) for a property rented
            (herein referred to as “Required Documents”).
      3. c. Customers whom consented to submitting Required Documents but have yet to be fully submitted to NEXTSIX.
    3. (collectively “Eligible Customers”)
  • Registration
    1. 4. To participate in the Campaign, Eligible Customers whom successfully purchased/rented a property through NEXTSIX’s registered property agents, are required to register their participation with the agent that serviced the transaction.
    2. 5. Eligible Customers are required to have a registered NEXTSIX User Account, and to submit required personal information via NEXTSIX App.
    3. 6. Eligible Customers who register to participate, are deemed to have read and agreed with the terms and conditions herein and have consented to participate in this Campaign
    4. 7. Registration for participation will only occur upon completion of either of the following documents:
      1. a. SPA for purchase of a sub-sale (secondary market) property
      2. b. SPA and LA for purchase of a new project (primary market) property
      3. a. Stamped Tenancy Agreement for rent of a property
    5. 8. Upon successful registration, Eligible Customers are required to update accurate personal information in NEXTSIX App through Edit Profilesection.
    6. 9. Every property purchase or every property rental done by Eligible Customer is entitled to 1 Lucky Draw.
    7. 10. For every successful transaction entitled for lucky draw, Eligible Customer is required to submit a new registration to participate in the campaign as per Clause 4.
    8. 11. Upon end of campaign period OR giveaway of last prize available (“Campaign Completed”), registration by Eligible Customer will be declined.
    9. 12. For the avoidance of doubt, the following are NOT Eligible Transactions for the purposes of this Campaign:-
      1. a. Eligible Transactions which are subsequently cancelled, refunded, disputed, unauthorized or fraudulent.
      2. b. Transactions that have no confirmed record and/or proper documentation submitted to NEXTSIX.
  • Prizes
    1. 13. Types of the Available Campaign Prizes (“Prize Pool”) as of start of Campaign are as listed in Clauses 14 herein.
    2. 14.
      Grand Prize RM12,888 worth of voucher redeemable with The Make Over Guys Sdn Bhd
      Grand Prize RM8,888 worth of voucher redeemable with The Make Over Guys Sdn Bhd
      Cash Prize RM5,000 Cash Prize
      Cash Prize RM3,000 Cash Prize
      Cash Prize RM1,000 Cash Prize
      Prize RM3,888 MajuHome Concept Voucher
      Prize RM2,888 MajuHome Concept Voucher
      Prize RM1,888 MajuHome Concept Voucher
      Prize RM5,000 MK Curtain Cash Voucher
      Prize RM300 MK Curtain Cash Voucher
      Prize RM200 MK Curtain Cash Voucher
      Prize RM100 MK Curtain Cash Voucher
      Prize RM200 Grab Credit
      Prize RM200 Shopee Cash Vouchers
    3. 15. Eligible Customer is eligible to win only 1 prize per participation entry, selected at random by NEXTSIX App system.
    4. 16. Campaign will end upon finishing of prizes in prize pool or end of campaign period, whichever first.
    5. 17. Only 1 unit available for each Grand Prize and Cash Prize, unless fully redeemed by Eligible Customers from the Prize Pool.
    6. 18. Other prizes may have multiple units unless fully redeemed by Eligible Customers from the Prize Pool.
    7. 19. Eligible Customer whom successfully transacted a rental is excluded from the chance of winning Grand Prize(s) from the Prize Pool.
    8. 20. Eligible Customer whom is from East Malaysia is only entitled to available Cash Prizes, available RM200 Grab Credit prizes and available RM200 Shopee Cash Vouchers.
  • Winners Selection and Prize Fulfilment Process
    1. 21. Eligible Customers are required to update accurate personal information on NEXTSIX App’s Edit Profile section prior to registration for participation.
    2. 22. Eligible Customers shall receive lucky draw notification on their respective NEXTSIX App upon successful registration.
    3. 23. Eligible Customers shall receive a prize from the prize pool selected randomly by an automated selection system.
    4. 24. Grand Prize or The Make Over Guys (“TMOG”) voucher is redeemable upon any package that TMOG offers to general market.
    5. 25. TMOG agrees to provide furnishing works limited to brand new unfurnished units ONLY in accordance to agreed Quotation between TMOG and Eligible Customers. This does not include repairing existing damages in the unit, hot works and wet works.
    6. 26. Furnishing works upon property units with existing furnishing or renovation that require additional repair and reconstruction works is possible, subjected to TMOG’s discretion and may incur additional costs to be borne by Eligible Customer. Any additional cost to be incurred will be made known to Eligible Customer and require agreement prior to conducting the works.
    7. 27. In the event Eligible Customer find redemption of TMOG voucher unfit, Eligible Customer may request for replacement for a new lucky draw, provided there is available prize(s) in the Prize Pool. No cash reimbursement will be made in any circumstances.
    8. 28. MajuHome Concept vouchers are redeemable at available MajuHome physical outlets.
    9. 29. MK Curtain vouchers are redeemable at MK Curtain Nilai HQ, MK Curtain Hartamas Shopping Centre, MK Curtain Johor Bharu, MK Curtain Penang and MK Curtain Kelantan only.
    10. 30. Cash Prize shall be fulfilled by NEXTSIX to the Winners within thirty (30) days upon successful redemption, and only via bank transfer to Eligible Customer’s local Malaysian bank account with own name.
    11. 31. GrabPay Credit and Shopee Vouchers redemption will be submitted to the respective companies for processing within fourteen (14) days. Actual date of receiving GrabPay Credit or Shopee Vouchers may vary depending on the respective companies’ processing procedure.
    12. 32. NEXTSIX reserves the right to forfeit the Prizes if there is any dispute in the Customer’s transaction during the period and/or after the Customer registered for the campaign until the end of the Campaign Period or termination of NEXTSIX You Deserve A Better Deal Campaign or non-compliance or breach of these terms and conditions prior to the Prize being given to the Eligible Customer.
  • Privacy Notice
    1. 33. By participating in this Campaign, Eligible Customers/Winners agree and consent to allow his/ her personal data being collected, processed and used by NEXTSIX.
    2. 34. Eligible Customers agree and consent to his/her personal data or information being collected, processed and used by NEXTSIX for: -
      1. a. the purposes of the Campaign; and
      2. b. marketing and promotional activities conducted in such manner as NEXTSIX deems fit in any media including but not limited to any form of advertising or publicity media and materials such as audio and/or visual recordings published through newspapers, television networks, radio stations or online and digital media and on the Internet, without further express consent from the Eligible Customers. Marketing and promotion activities include without limitation the use and/or publication of any details provided in and/or in connection to the entries, interviews material as well responses and related photographs. In this regard, each Eligible Customers agrees to co-operate and participate without further express consent and/or payment or consideration, in all reasonable advertising and publicity activities of NEXTSIX in relation to the Campaign.
  • General Terms & Conditions
    1. 35. Images of the Prizes shown in any marketing and/or advertisement collateral are for visual purposes only and may vary from the actual Prizes received. The Eligible Customers are not allowed to choose or change the Prizes except for an occurrence laid in clause 25.
    2. 36. NEXTSIX’s decisions on all matters relating to this Campaign shall be final, conclusive and binding. NEXTSIX shall not be obliged to give any reasons whatsoever or enter into any correspondence with any person(s) on any matter concerning this Campaign.
    3. 37. NEXTSIX reserves the rights at its sole discretion to withdraw, cancel, suspend, extend or terminate this Campaign either in whole or in part, or to vary, delete or add to any of the terms and conditions herein at any time with prior notice.